HOM Bridal is a Dubai based bridal brand born, in 2012, out of a love for creating modern day pieces for the free spirited bride.   

We design with the cool bride in mind, encouraging them to ‘think outside the  box’ when it comes to bridal fashion, and follow their free spirit.  

All our gowns are designed and made by hand, in Dubai, by our talented team, where we use the finest of fabrics to create new and contemporary silhouettes, ensuring every piece is perfectly made.

Our goal is to put Dubai on the map for modern day bridal, breaking the mould and defying tradition. ultimately giving the modern bride more choice when choosing their bridal style, whether that’s through our RTW collection or a bespoke gown designed just for you. 


Meet The Team

B – Head Creative & Owner

With 15 years of experience as a designer in the Fashion industry, Head Creative & owner, Barbaranne, also known as B, turned her hand to bridal 8 years ago when she established HOM Bridal after seeing a gap in the Dubai market for modern & contemporary bridal wear.

‘I love to focus on beautiful fabrics, contemporary silhouettes, and ensuring the bride really shines through in her gown. Your dress really has to be an extension of you, and your style.’  


Rupesh is at the heart of the brand having been the mastermind cutter behind the gowns since its beginnings back in 2012. Hailing from Nepal, he has over 20 years experience in tailoring and comes from a family of tailors. his attention to detail and commitment to his craft sets him a part. He also loves a good cup of tea, and puts his heart and soul into each dress.  

Rupesh – Master Tailor

Hari – Assistant Tailor

The newest addition to Team HOM. Hailing from a long line of tailors back in Nepal, Hari has over 15 years of experience in Men’s tailoring. His smile brightens everyones day and he’s a great addition to our HOM family.